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"London is the zombie capital of the world, with approximately 150,000 PCs secretly controlled by hackers, Symantec has revealed.

And the UK -- thanks mostly to the rapid growth of broadband -- is officially the worst bot-infected place on the globe. Somewhat bizarrely, the obscure city of Winsford in Cheshire is the world's second biggest hotspot for zombies, according to Symantec, followed by Seoul in Korea."

The full story can be found here.

I'm not actually shocked. Us Brits are utterly complacent about computer security as a whole, it's either 'someone else's problem' or 'it will never happen to me' attitude. Another major issue isn't only attitudes but education, when was the last time you received computer security training and/or awareness provided by your employer? It rarely happens. It's just doesn't seem to be a priority.

Do it always take a major disaster before people sit-up and take note?

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