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At the Microsoft PDC visitors managed to get a first look at the new Office 12 UI, a link is here.

There has been a lot of debate on it on Channel 9 here.

My inital response was that the new toolbar does have more than justa hint of MAC OSX about it, (I'm sure Richard Peat  will comment on that) which to my mind isn't a bad thing.

The rule of thumb I also go by is that if you have worked out how to use it in a few second then the UI has effectively done it's job right.

Look at the picture above, it is pretty clear what all the various buttons do, I don't think you have to be a rocket-scientist, which perhaps is the point.

With the Office application the problem I have the most is wanting to find a function or sub-function that I don't use very often and searching throught the menu's to find it, especially if I can't remember what the feature was called. I believe Microsoft have been working on ways to solve this very problem so people can start to get more out of Office applications.

Now my last little point which I will cover in another post all on it's own and that is, is it me? or is Access looking more and more out of place?

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