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Loads of good topics to talk about today.

Gartner today urged companies to start to move beyond passwords at their IT Security Summit.

Yep, I hate them. On my travels I have often come across people that have written their passwords down. One person admitted today that his wife writes them on a post-it that she places on the bottom of her laptop! So, if the laptop is stolen then the person who find it will be easily able to get into that companies network!

It's stories like this that we have all heard. Even with education it's pretty clear that the message isn't hitting home. It's one of those thing, like speeding, you will always speed until the time you get a ticket because its a problem that happens to someone else, but not you, because you're clever than that. Yes, it's easy to become complacent if this stuff doesn't happen to you.

When a reasonable and easy to use replacement comes along I can see that we will all move to it in a hurry. Until that time I'm not convinced that measures such as fingering print recognition or eye-scans are yet mature enough options to become common-place. An example of this is how do you today centrally authenticate several thousand finger-prints at 9:00 am in the morning from multiple locations? You can easily do this with passwords today. Other examples of security such as key cards all come with there own list of issue. Lets face it, the password is easy to manage and changing the gearing of an Enterprise to use something else isn't going to easy or cheap. Specially if the factor of complacency comes into play again. It's going to be hard for me to put a justification case together if no ones ever broken in? How do you build an ROI case when you want to stay one step a head?

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