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I am headed to Toronto Canada for DevTeach tomorrow. Scott Hanselman has the keynote first thing Tuesday morning.  Lots of great sessions planned and networking with fellow user group leaders and members from Canada.  What a great country.  Everyone I've met from up there has been incredibly nice.

Monday night is the traditional Party With Palermo. That's always a great place to catch up with a lot of familiar faces at these events.

.NET Rocks!I'm also looking forward to the .NET Rocks hosted panel discussion on the 14th.  Carl and Richard will be talking with folks who have strong visions of the future of software development and the role that .NET can play in that future.

Plus, there are an incredible number of great sessions at these DevTeach events.  If you are in Canada, you need to try to make it to one of these events.  They happen twice a year.  Check out their web site ... Montreal in December 08


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posted on Sunday, May 11, 2008 11:07 PM