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  • cgroom I saw a De Lorien on I55 today. Started chasing after it, but lost it at about 88 MPH... about 679 days ago
  • cgroom #passbac updatable and clustered Velocity column store now reality in #SQLserver PDW, and coming in the next release of SQL Server. about 715 days ago
  • cgroom True. RT @pietergoes: Analyze this! I can't believe the amount of presentations that focus on twitter analysis. #passbac about 716 days ago
  • cgroom #passbac wondering if Patrick the great and powerful is Patrick Baumgartner... about 716 days ago
  • cgroom #passbac "predictions are hard." Tech should support decision making, and not supplant it. 3Difft tools/approaches = 3 difft predictions... about 716 days ago
  • cgroom #passbac fun is why we do what we do. Creative play with data... about 716 days ago
  • cgroom #pasbac data scientist = data mechanic about 716 days ago

SQL Monger Solving BI challenges and more!
It has been quite a while since I signed up for this blog site and high time that something was posted. I have a list of topics that I will be working through and posting. Some I am sure will have been posted by others, but I will be sticking to the technical problems and challenges that I’ve recently faced, and the solutions that worked for me. My ......

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