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This is my first blog entry.  I suppose an introduction is in order.   My name is Steve Moss.  1 great wife, 2 outstanding kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 horses.  Currently, I'm the Director of Client Server Applications and Architecture for a major chip manufacturer.  But I'm a developer at heart.  I started programming in collage in 1976, and have been at it ever since.  As a hobby, an adjunct to other jobs, and finally as a professional.  Over the years I've programmed in a large chunk of the languages available, but settled in on VB in the early days. Actually did some pretty amazing things using VB, from supply chain management tools to 911 communication center applications. My client list is pretty wide, including such names as Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, Jenny Craig and a whole host of smaller companies.  Also spoke at VBITS on a couple of occasions.  I made the transition to C# when .Net arrived on the scene and now concentrate solely in that arena. More on how I got here in later posts.
Why blog?  I'm not sure I can adequately answer that question.  The more research I do as I write code, the more times I find my answers in blogs from other people.  This has forced me to admit that the blog is a decent means for communicating ideas and thoughts.
How much blog can one man take?  Don't know the answer to that either.  And I won't promise how often I'll update.  Rest assured it will be when I've got something going on, that is either cool, or, um.  Well, it's just cool.
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Welcome aboard Steve! Your experience and avocation can only be an assest to our community!
Left by David Jacobus on Nov 24, 2005 4:48 PM

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