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I knew that I had a penchant for making nasty code better, but I did not realize how far my sickness had progressed.  I spent the last couple of days taking a copy/paste VB6.NET (no that is not a missprint) website apart with a scalpel provided by the free DevExpress Refactor! and paid JetBrains R#. 

I like the usefulness of both tools.  R# does not seem to suffer from the same memory problems as Refactor! more than likely because it creates temp files in the project directory.

I wonder if there is a job out there that I can just refactor old code to make it more efficient and pretty?  I would also like the opportunity to train other developers in NOT being fearful of refactoring code.

Here is to washing out the ByRef string parms in function definitions with bleach!  May they trash the Intern pool no longer.


Posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:41 PM .NET , the Weirding Way | Back to top

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