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Wow, it has been quite a struggle getting up to speed with charting in general and Infragistics specifically.  One enhancement that would be great would be to have a flag to flip on that would at runtime give you output telling you all the ways you have incorrectly setup everything.

Without this link  which I stumbled on even after a friend mentioned it a couple of days prior, I would not have know what was going on.

Ok, I had a NumericTimeSeries setup for a Column chart (in this case I was using a Composite charttype with a Column and Scatter) which is NOT ever going to work no matter how many times you debug!  I try to only change 1 to 2 things at a time to minimize the risk of freaking something out.  It still took me quite awhile to determine it was my mistake.

So on the one hand, I am thankful that the UltraChart did not crash and burn which would have been more confusing; however, on the other an option to have the chart tell me what I did wrong would also be helpful.

So here is to the hope that the Ultrachart could tell me that I am stupid in a nice way only when I want it on Tuesday but not in front of the customer...

rusty Posted on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 9:05 AM .NET | Back to top

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