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Scott L. Newman
                         To:       Whom It May Concern
From: Scott L Newman
Date:   4/23/2010
Re:      Profile
Who is he, what can he do? Two very good questions. #1. I am a 20 + years experience Information Technology Professional (hold on don’t hit delete yet!). Who is not over the hill (I am on top of it) and still knows how to do (and can still do) that thing call work! #2. A can do attitude, that does not allow problems to sit unfixed. I have a broad range of skills, including:
  • Certified CompTIA A+, Security+ and Network+ Technician
  • 2.5 years (NOC) Network experience on large Cisco based Wan – UKto Austria
  • 20 years experience MIS/DP – Yes I can do IBMmainframes and Tandem non-stops too
  • 18 years experience as technical Help Desk support – panicking users, no problem
  • 18 years experience with PC/Server based system, intranet and internet systems
  • 10+ years experienced on: Microsoft Office, Windows XP and Data Network Fundamentals (YES I do windows)
  • Strong trouble shooting skills for software, hard ware and circuit issues (and I can tell you what kind of horrors I had to face on all of them).
  • Very experienced on working with customers on problems – again panicking users, no problem
  • Working experience with Remote Access (VPN/SecurID) – I didn’t just study them I worked on/with them
  • Skilled in getting info for and creating documentation for Operation procedures (I do not just wait for them to give it to me I go out and get it. Waiting for info on working applications is, well dumb)
  • Multiple software languages (Hey I have done some programming)
  • And much more experiences in “IT” (Mortgage, stocks and financial information systems experience and have worked “IT” in a hospital)
  • Can multitask, also have ability to adapt to change and learn quickly. (once was put in charge of a system that I had not worked with for over two years. Talk about having to relearn and adapt to changes fast. But I did it.)
The summarization is that I know what do, know how to keep things running and how to fix it when it breaks.
Scott L. Newman



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