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alphadogg at Slashdot writes "Alcatel-Lucent has come up with a way to [0]move data
at 300Mbps over copper lines. So far the results have only been
reproduced in a lab environment — real products and services won't be
available for at least a year. From the article: 'Researchers at the
company's Bell Labs demonstrated the 300Mbps technology over a distance
of 400 meters using VDSL2 (Very high bitrate Digital Subscriber Line),
according to Stefaan Vanhastel, director of product marketing at
Alcatel-Lucent Wireline Networks. The test showed that it can also do
100Mbps over a distance of 1,000 meters, he said. Currently, copper is
the most common broadband medium. About 65 percent of subscribers have a
broadband connection that's based on DSL, compared to 20 percent for
cable and 12 percent for fiber, according to market research company
Point Topic. Today, the average advertised DSL speeds for residential
users vary between 9.2 Mbps and 1.9Mbps in various parts of the world,
Point Topic said.'"

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