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Scott L. Newman
Tough crowd around here it seems.   Let’s get down to the issues. First: spelling…I do not understand how there can be miss-spelled words, as I use spell check (MS Word) and cut and paste my post in to the blog. As to being defensive or complaining. Hmm as I said this is a vent for my frustrations as well letting others know they are not a lone, in Job less land. Warning, warning, warning, complaint coming. I have been out of work for 18 months now. I have gone in person to sites, emailed and phoned places for work (I am thinking of getting a sign with my resume and walking up and down the main drag until, I get a job). So forgive me if I seem a little frustrated in my post. Now one thing some one pointed out really bugs me. The person called me a Holy Roller and made a comment that this is keeping me from a job.  What! I am born again Christian and not a Holy Roller. What I have put on my web sites about my faith is staying!   Oh my web site is and my resume is on the home page (and has been since I started the site).
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I browsed through a few of your comments and they looked overly helpful in the nicest way. The people commenting seemed very friendly and genuinely concerned on helping you refine your skills while hunting for a job.

That said, I haven't seen the person you mentioned about calling you a 'Holy Roller'. If it bugs them and they complain, just take it in stride. If your religion is something you are dedicated to and proud of then it shouldn't matter what someone else thinks, especially if it's a random web-lurker.

On the spelling and such, yes there are plenty of mistakes around on here (for example, in this post you say 'a lone' but mean 'alone') but it's a blog and unless you're trying to be exceptionally professional with your blog, you don't need to worry about it. If you want it to be professional, have someone proof-read your posts before posting them and fix what they suggest. Heck, send me an email and I'll look it over.

Finally, and this is completely optional, maybe between posts consider posting either some news or tutorials or anything about your area of geek-ology. It might help any of those people who think the blog is a bit too opinionated (too whiney or whatever). This will also help bring more potential employers to your blog and see what you are capable of other than just another link to your resume.

Good luck on the job search!
Left by Matt Christian on Apr 09, 2010 1:36 PM

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Scott; I believe you misunderstood me. I was only offering a different vision of your brand, as it may appear to the rest of the world, your the one thats frustrated with being unemployed.
its your image do with it as you'd like.
I believe my statement was "while not misspelled" leaded and led is the difference between 3rd grade and high school.
as far as the holy roller comment goes again you took it out of context, your image your choice.
as far as your work; it is sloppy and you should consider either paying attention to detail or not make it so public, need an example, look at this blog, your resume (looks cut and paste) falls off the edge. just plain sloppy!!

good fortune to you...Peace
Left by stan on Apr 19, 2010 10:11 AM

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