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 And I mean a lot! First off had two interviews (one was selling insurance) and other installing cable. I have more hope for the cable one. Getting more emails from my job search engines (having problems with going through them and applying for those jobs, I know I can do). It seems the more I apply to, the more job emails pop up in my in box. But at the same time I am fighting feelings of worthlessness (18 months and no job). It is putting a strain on my marriage (We had had blow out over a broken drinking glass since I last posted). 

 But, at the same time, I am fighting mad about (a figure of speech, really) not having a job. Look just because I am over 55 and have gray hair. It does not mean, my brain is dead or I can no longer trouble shoot a router or circuit or LAN issue. Or that I can do “IT” work at all. And I could prove this if; some one would give me at job. Come on try me for 90 days at min. wage.   I know you will end up keeping me (hope fully at normal pay) around. Is any one hearing me…come on take up the challenge!

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just saw your post(s)....losing your job sucks.

I have a few points (may seem harsh, but I'm just some random on the internet, may not be right, but maybe I might trigger something that might help) :-

If you want to leverage the web end of things. I clicked through to your website, but there is no resume, no idea where you are located, etc.

I know you probably don't mean it this way.... but your blog comes across as bleating and complaining. It seems from the way you phrase things that you think someone owes you a job. Reminds me of men trying to find women to date. "Hey I'm a nice guy, why can't I find a woman"? Makes me cringe slightly.

Getting a job is all about personality and approach and selling yourself. Which means not telling people that you deserve a job because you can do "stuff". Its about offering your skills to help them achieve what they want.

I would say, if you have been to lots of jobs interviews, and you have most all the skills needed, the reason you don't get the jobs will be to do with personality and interpersonal approach.

Concentrate on creating a good personal connection with the person interviewing you, if they like you, they will want to give you a job, in fact when you like someone you often will forgive them an minor deficiencies.

humble, friendly, honest, straight up, and confident is a winner.

presentation is important too, how you look makes a difference, especially as you may not be who they "usually" interview. If they think you are too eccentric or too removed from the norm, it makes it more important to overcome that with personality!

Left by Keith Nicholas on Apr 07, 2010 11:33 PM

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