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Scott L. Newman
About 5 face to face interviews, 4 telephone ones and except for the two weeks Census Job. But, after 15 months looking for work, I am still with out a JOB. What is wrong here or with me? Let’s see, hard worker (check), self motivated to do well on a Job (Check), Certified CompTIA A+, Security+  and Network+ Technician (Check), 20 + years experience in “IT” (CHECK), in good health, in 20 years of work only 15 days off due to health issues (Check), 18 years experience as technical Help Desk support (Check), can still work better than younger personal (Check), Strong trouble shooting skills for software, computer hard ware and circuit issues (Check) and Multiple software languages (Hey I have done some programming) Check. Hmm I don’t see any problem with me (of course I could have missed something, please let me know if you see what I am missing). 
Now as to what have I been up to since I last blogged. The same things of course, Job hunting, job hunting and study.   I have set up sim of my home LAN and will be adding a wireless print server to the sim and in real life, soon.  I was able to pull up and copy the examples of Cisco router commands that I had on my old lap top, to my newer PC. Every time I used a new command while working the NOC on my last job.   I would cut and past a copy of the command on the router (and what it did) I was working on.  Along with notes on the problem and commands use for same router. I used these to make documentation for on how to handle these types of issues, for the other Operation Techs. My old notes are helping me in studying for the CCENT test. 
As to Love Dare, I think it will take more like 40 weeks, than the 40 days of the book. Yes I am making progress, slow but, it is progress. I will have more on that in my next blog.
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Scott...just an idea while you continue to look for work. Check out You might be able to generate some income by taking on small projects while you continue to look for something permanent
Left by Kevin Scharnhorst on Apr 05, 2010 10:50 AM

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