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Wednesday the 2nd, well spent most of the day at Work Scours, taking tests to see if I qualify for grant to take classes for a CCNA.   I passed but, boy was my mind tired. Found an interesting news article on Inside Tech, called Stalk Your Way to a New Job. “Interested in a company and need to find a person to contact? Google away. Trying to suss out the guy who’s interviewing you next week? Facebook him!”   I used it to find a person I knew at company, I used to work at and found his Email. Also found out that he is now a VP.   Very interesting.   Well I am going to use this more to target the IT personal that does the hiring.   On a sad note, had to go to a notary and witness a power of att. For my father in law. His mind is going down hill. It is so sad see some one close to you going that way.   Well I am going to bed; have to get up at 06:00 to get the 10 year old up. Which did not get up today until 06:45 and we are suppose to leave at that time.   Had to run her up to bus stop in my truck (Gee wasting gas and no exercise for me).   Type to you all tomorrow.
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