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I posted last year regarding a dependency management tool I was contemplating.  Well, I can happily announce that I did create and launch the tool as I had envisioned it.   (I just actually completed a lunch and learn today where I unveiled it to a few more people within the company)

In essence, it works by spidering the BUILD environment nightly and records all dependencies from code to code, from code to database and from database to database.  We have over 100 .Net solutions with multiple projects  within and all the references down to the method and database object level are recorded.  It was very satisfying recently  to clean up 1/3 of the code from a project as it was found to be no longer referenced (around 100 out of 300 stored procedures were removed).  This alone shaved about 1 month of developer effort out of a major refactoring initiative.

I can't post or easily demo the tool as I developed it to work within our company intranet, but I thought I should point out some of the libraries I settled on to make this tool possible (these differ from the ones I was considering when I first posted about this last year).  If you haven't played with these but are the type that like to create innovative developer tools or efficiencies, these are a must for your arsenal:

  • Spidering DLLs: Mono.Cecil
  • Spidering Code: NRefactory  
  • Spidering Databases: SMO

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