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Here is the quandary most coders face. Most of us are extremely talented, and from time to time venture out into the freelance world, especially students, most using a coding site like Kasamba, Rent-A-Code and some other up and coming ones. The problem we face is there are coders on there, with little or no talent at all, offering to do entire e-commerce sites for $100. Does that not make it difficult for those of us who actually know what we're doing?

now dont get me wrong, I do freelance work on Kasamba to suppliment my income, and most people are expecting the world for the price of a piece of bubble gum. But since it's still a fairly small site (compared to others), I have been able to let the clients I do get that they get what they pay for, and if they hire me I have my MCAD and MCSD in both C# and VB.Net and that helps sway their decision.

My main question in this rant is this, do these freelancers that offer to do the world for the price of bubble gum, then turn in a bug ridden, anti-optomized, "spaghetti" filled .Net code application, does that not make clients hesitant to hire those of use that truly know what we're doing, know how to properply implement OO programming, those of use that know how to actually implement the proper coding standards and lines of code to get what we're looking for, thos of us who dont live by the rule "Throw enough code at it and it'll work".

These sites have made me money, I will admit, but these wannabe coders do, at times, make it hard to get a freelance gig at even close to what its worth, am I wrong here? Am I the only one here troubled that this is happening, that these people are making it harder and harder for potential clients to know who is for real, and who only knows how to talk the talk and when it comes time to walk the walk they're on some coding forum trying to set it done for them.

Freelance sites have their pros and cons. They allow the potential client to get programming work done for less than they can if they go through a large Development firm, but the high number that get burned by these wannabe programmers make the clients leary about every other programmer they run across, even if they happoen to find an excellent programmer, they'll always be hesitant, and more likely to micro-manage the entire project.

Most freelance sites pay on time, pay what they're supposed to, but there have been times where I dont get my pay on-time, where I dont get paid what Im owed, but most are very good at fixing the problems.

I like working for Kasamba, it helps supplement my income now that Im on medical leave (yet again), but I really believe the number of wannabe coder are making it harder and harder for experience, knowledgable coders to find extra freelance work. What is your opinion on this?

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Kasamba has a rating system, so doesn't this ensure that the better coders are brought to the top of the list (at least in the long run)?
Besides, people are bound to view your full profile before hiring you for a job, so you can write in your profile exactly that - your ctredentials, and why you think you'll make a better job than most 'wannabes' out there.
Do u think that the top coders on kasamba, some with hundreds of ratings, are wannabes? They must be doing something right, to earn that position, no?
Sure, there will always be clients who will be looking for the cheapest possible solution (like an entire site for $100), but those you won't get anyway because of your price (which i don't know what it is.. you haven't mentioned anywhere your kasamba name).

Happy new year! :)
Left by joules on Jan 05, 2008 11:05 PM

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never used Kasamba - will have a look. I've only worked on and got to work for them too on one project (through the site).

Left by James - Freelance site review on Mar 20, 2008 9:41 AM

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