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I have read lot of about Kerberos setup but none of the talk in simple steps to setup kerberos 
Following are the steps
  1. Setup SPN - Finalize the if you really want to do Kerberos. If yes Check following link to setup SPN's
  2. In IIS under Authentication -> Windows Authentication -> Enabled providers as to be following order Negotiate , NTLM. 

3. IIS Configuration Editor make sure you select section -> System.webserver-> Authentication -> Windows authentication -> select UseAppPoolCredentials - True 

5. If you have delegation make sure app Pool account Account is trusted for delegation

6. Confirming it is using the Kerberos using the fiddler.

Trouble shooting 
  1. Check the logs both the server and client 
  2. On the client system while trouble shooting please use the klist purge command which will help to clear the cached token 
  3. All other solution are present in the first link i have set 

Posted on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 4:33 PM IIS , Window Authentication , Kerberos , Deligation | Back to top

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