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Sometimes, being a few months behind in reading/reviewing articles can be a good thing.  I recently was discussing the latest cool things in ASP.NET - such as MVC, jQuery, Web API, etc. with a good friend of mine.  He commented that all that sounded cool and neat, but his team was still using Web Forms and he really couldn't see how he could ever get away from events, viewstate, grid controls, and all the other goodies that Web Forms has spoiled us with over the years.

I will probably post a longer comment on this topic later, but I think this is often an unintended trap of software development tools.  Make it quick and easy to develop software and developers will flock to your tool suite.  But when the technology moves forward many of those same developers with only move forward after much kicking and screaming, even if there is a viable upgrade path.  Need I list any examples of this paradox other than Visual Basic 6?

Anyhow, I was explaining to my friend about the different constructs that replaced each of his comfy toy widgets, but before I could finish we each had to run to a meeting.  During the meeting I was flipping through an old issue of MSDN and came across an excellent article discussing the very topics I was just discussing:

From March 2013 and titled "Migrating ASP.NET Web Forms to the MVC Pattern with the ASP.NET Web API", this article is a excellent starting point to begin weaving MVC and Web API into an existing Web Forms project.  Covering facets of the platform such as routing, AJAX, Data Transfer Objects (DTOs), and how these constructs can replace events, it is a very good introduction to the newer platform.  And it's even honest in saying that it's not a cake walk. 

Of course it is almost always easier to learn and new technology with samples and build from the ground up, but sometimes weaving these constructs into an existing project can ease the transition. 

If you or someone you know is in the same Web Forms boat and want to move in the MVC/Web API direction check out the article - I recommend it!.

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