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Attended my first "Tech After 5" event today ( and have very positive things to say about it.  As I've said before, if you are an IT person then you should definitely get out and get involved in local user groups, interest groups, etc.  Types of these meetings range from simple meet-and-greets to technical presentations on dedicated topics to all-day code camps.  It's usually very easy to find one or two a month that are interesting and the 2-4 hours of time (or a whole day in case of a code camp) is usually well worth it from many perspectives.

Tech After 5 (Ta5) is a series of "mixers" with no particular topic or presentation; it simply exists for techies to interact with other techies and build a contact network.  Everyone was very professional and the crowd ranged from those looking for career opportunities (fresh graduates as well as seasoned consultants) to those looking for partners and/or investors.  There was normal "shop talk" as well as ideas being floated and plenty of business cards being exchanged.  I personally went from hoping to talk to someone to hoping I didn't forget to email anyone when I got home!

Overall, very much worth the couple of hours and I would highly recommend attending one (or more) of these events.
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