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No, I'm not at Mix08 right now, but I'm busy paying attention to every detail.  I'm missing a lot of really cool things such as:
  • Silverlight downloads at 1.5 million a day
  • IE 8 preview with Firebug?
  • SQL Server Data Services
Also, now you can download IE8 already from here, so the news just keeps coming...

You can too by paying attention to the following places:
  • Live streaming video from Mix from Microsoft and some short videos on:
    • IE 8
    • Scott Guthrie
    • Ray Ozzie
    • Dean Hachamovitch
  • CodeBetter's live stream by Dave Laribee which features short snippets from the event.
  • Josh Holmes is covering the event and has noted about Ray Ozzie's keynote as well as other things.
  • John Lam will be at Mix as well and will be tweeting throughout the conference with his Twitter name john_lam.  I know I'm following it now...
Also, if you're at Mix08, make sure you stop by to Josh Holmes's Open Spaces at Mix.  You can find out more details about it here.

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