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Be careful when upgrading Office 2010

If you’ve installed and upgraded as many Microsoft products as I have over the years, you get a bit blasé and assume that if something bad could happen as a result of clicking “Next” then the installer will warn you.

Office 2010 breaks the mould on that one.

My home machine was running Office 2007 Ultimate (the kitchen sink flavour) and I recently bought Office Home and Student 2010 (as I can no longer purchase the good stuff cheaply).

As usual, I clicked through the installation screens without paying a lot of attention. This resulted in ALL the Office 2007 products being upgraded to 2010. This sounds good until you realise that only Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are full editions and the rest (Publisher, Access, and - most importantly for me - Outlook) are now 30 day trial versions.

Here’s the screen where I clicked the big, attractive Upgrade button. Notice the innocuous sounding sentence at the bottom.


If you just choose to upgrade straight then the screen below does not appear. This is to save a few seconds of your time by not showing you screens you haven’t asked to see. Ah, the irony.


As you can see, the default is to REMOVE the Office 2007 versions and install the corresponding full and trial versions of Office Professional 2010.

Removing the trial versions wasn’t too hard although it did require two attempts with a reboot each time and left me without my email.

Thankfully I still had the Office 2007 setup files copied to my hard disk and could reinstall Outlook et al. I am left, though, with some worries that Outlook may have some surprised in store for me:


So now I’m back up and running. Can I have my wasted time refunded please?

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# re: Be careful when upgrading Office 2010

I had the same problem!
3/29/2011 3:55 AM | Gaza
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