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Hobbyists cracked (again) the AACS processing key.

Instead of spending years and futile millions on DRM, the entertainment industry should spend those resources on figuring out ways to produce products that are more interesting to buy than to steal.

It’s not a revolutionary idea…  Increase the cost of cigarettes, and up goes the quantity of contraband.  Increase the cost of alcohol and you’ll find more contraband.  Why do people buying stolen property?  Because the risk/cost of getting caught is far less than buying the real thing.

The only exception to this is gas prices, but that’s just until someone finds a solution.

No one wants to buy 10 songs for 25$, or a movie for 30$.

There’s no reason that a CD has to be sold at 25$ anyway.  How much is a blank CD?  1-10 cents?  How much money really goes to the artist 1-2 dollars?  Producing 1 CD or 25 million costs the same in terms of studio time, engineering, mixing, etc… 

Once the cost of producing the first CD has been recovered, the price of the CDs should go down, right?

Here’s a solution I’m giving away to the Entertainment Industry (for free, yes free!!!!)
- Cell at the price of 100$/each CD the first 1000 CDs, with a special casing, special cover, special printed/gold plated CD, manually autographed everything.
- Cell at the price of 25$/each CD the next 10 000 CDs, with a special “original owners” branded set
- Cell at the price of 10$/each CD the next 1 000 000 CDs… what we have today with cool cases and all
- At all time: cell at cost of producing  plain, basic, vanilla CD with simply the case and the CD: (2-4)$/each CD ???

No one will steal/rip a CD when it’s available at 2 $ !

Use the same idea for DVDs.


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