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Dear Microsoft,

It would be great to have an OS for Kids, or an Windows Explorer for kids.

It would be an environment that would allow kids that don't read yet to start and use the computer:

  • Chat with friends and familly via WebCam
  • Browse “safe“ web sites
  • Play games
  • Watch movies
  • Listen to music
  • Learn to read, count, talk, other languages
  • Email (text to speach and voice recognition) for those that cant read and write yet

Features like:

  • Simple selection with the mouse
  • Simple startup of applications
  • Extremely graphical (as they don't read yet)
  • Text to voice
  • Voice to text
  • Animation (just like the MS Office animations) with voice recognition


Security features like:

  • The possibility to force approval of a parent to things like
    • Adding a contact
    • Adding web sites
    • Adding games
    • Sending/Reading emails
  • History of conversations
  • Monitoring of conversations based on keywords
    • Email sent
    • Send an alert to a mobile device, messenger
  • Blocking access to any file not created by the “kid“.  There should be no way to “break“ the computer installation (os and programs)


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Hi M.Calve

You have very good ideas
Left by Rephil on Feb 28, 2006 5:39 PM

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