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Guidance Packages are named collections of recipes, templates, value providers, type editors and converters, and actions. They must be first installed on the developer's computer and then enabled from within Visual Studio to be usable.

Developing a Guidance Package:

To develop a Guidance Package you have to use the Guidance Package Development template. This template is created when you install the Guidance Automation Toolkit.


  1. Open Visual Studio 2005.
  2. On the File menu, point to New, and then click Project.
  3. In the New Project dialog box, click Guidance Packages.
  4. Select Guidance Package Development.
  5. Under Visual Studio installed templates, select Guidance Package.
  6. Specify the name and location of the Guidance Package development solution.
  7. Click OK.

Guidance Package Configuration File

The configuration of a Guidance Package, including the definition of recipes, arguments, and wizards, is on the Guidance Package configuration file.

Each Guidance Package has only one Guidance Package configuration file.

So basically when you deploy a Guidance Package the runtime is going to read this configuration file and execute the corresponding recipes.

It is a big XML file that has the following appearance:

<GuidancePackage xmlns=""
  <Recipe Name="BindingRecipe">

The Binding recipe is executed by the Recipe Framework when the Guidance Package is enabled.

When you create a Guidance Package using the Guidance Package Development, a solution is created based on a template and you are going to have the following items:

  • A predefined Configuration File
  • A predefined set of Actions
  • A predefined set of Templates
  • A predefined set of Wizards
  • A predefined set of Converters
  • A Guidance Package Installer and Setup projects.

Installing/Uninstalling a Guidance Package:

Once you finish the Guidance Package and compile it you are going to have a MSI installer that you can distribute to the developers. You can uninstall it from Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs.

Enabling and Disabling a Guidance Package from Visual Studio:

  1. On the Tools menu of Visual Studio 2005, click Guidance Package Manager.
  2. In the Guidance Package Manager dialog box, click Enable/Disable Guidance Packages


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