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For probably over a year now I’ve been hearing lots of hype around package managers and NuGet in particular. I’ve never really “got it” – that is until last week. So what, NuGet will download the nHibernate assemblies for me. I can do that myself easily enough, why on earth do I need a specialized tool to do that for me?! But it will download not only nHibernate, but all of nHibernate’s dependencies too! Big deal, that’s never been an issue for me before, usually these 3rd party packages come with ......

One of the most awkward things to deal with in code is Temporal Coupling. It leads to messy fragile code, that is difficult to maintain. What do I mean by Temporal Coupling? When you consume a class/component in your code and it requires you to do certain actions in a specific order. Lets look at a couple of examples where I commonly see this: When using a File class, you must first call Open(), then perform one or more actions with the File class (i.e. reading/writing), then you must remember to ......