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December 2012 Entries

One of my favorite and most underused features introduced in VS 2010 was Layer Diagrams. It’s a really simple tool to learn and use, but amazingly powerful. It’s a diagramming tool that allows you to draw a diagram consisting of boxes and arrows, where the boxes are meant to represent your layers/components, and the arrows represent dependencies. If you’ve ever been asked to whiteboard out the architecture/layers of your application, you probably got up to the whiteboard and drew some diagram with ......

I’ve been working on a hobby project for the past little while, and I wanted to blog my way through it as I go. My intent is to use a lot of new technologies, agile best practices, and some trendy architecture patterns, and use the project as an example of how these various technologies and practices can be used to good effect. The project itself is creating an application to allow my group of friends to manager our weekly Poker League. I’ve mentioned this before on my blog many years ago, it’s a ......

The Winnipeg .Net User Group hosted a VS 2012 Launch Event at the Imax in Winnipeg on Thursday, Dec 6. Doing presentations on the giant Imax screen is always fun, and I did the first 2 sessions on: End-To-End Application Lifecycle Management with TFS 2012 Improving Developer Productivity with Visual Studio 2012 Thanks to everybody that came out, and if anybody is interested my slide decks can be downloaded here: TFS 2012 Slides VS 2012 Slides Also the Virtual Machine that I used to do my demo’s can ......