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December 2011 Entries

PrairieDevCon is a great conference hosted in Canada a few times a year. For the first time it’s coming to Calgary in March and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve participated as a speaker in every PrDC to date (2 in Regina, 1 in Winnipeg), and that streak will continue into Calgary. In addition to the 2 conference sessions I’ll be doing: Why do we Suck at Estimating? And How to Get Better Evolve Your Code: Fundamental Design Principles I’m also doing a full day Pre-Con Workshop on TFS Build. I plan ......

In the 2nd Code Clone result it’s pointing out a block of code that is duplicated across 5 different screens. TLDR: Refactored the code out to a abstract ViewModel base class. Also identified a bunch of other obvious code that belonged in the base class and deleted a TON of duplicate code in the process (over 4% of Rawr’s total code!). Net Lines Of Code Deleted: 4625 (!!!) Each character class has a separate screen allowing the user to input stats for their character and then it performs some character-specific ......