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November 2011 Entries

In this post we’ll take a look at the first result from the Code Clone Analysis, and do some refactoring to eliminate the duplication. The first result indicated that it found an exact match repeated 14 times across the solution, with 18 lines of duplicated code in each of the 14 blocks. Net Lines Of Code Deleted: 179 In this case the code in question was a bunch of classes representing the various Bosses. Every Boss class has a constructor that initializes a whole bunch of properties of that boss, ......

Code Clone Analysis is a cool new feature in Visual Studio 11 (vNext). It analyzes all the code in your solution and attempts to identify blocks of code that are similar, and thus candidates for refactoring to eliminate the duplication. The power lies in the fact that the blocks of code don't need to be identical for Code Clone to identify them, it will report Exact, Strong, Medium and Weak matches indicating how similar the blocks of code in question are. People that know me know that I'm anal enthusiastic ......