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I was trying to create a Sysprep’d VPC image containing VSTS 2010 Beta 2 + TFS 2010 Beta 2 to distribute to the rest of my team to try out some of the new features.  Unfortunately, distributing a Sysprep’d image means that everybody will input a new computer name when they boot it up the first time.  TFS doesn’t like it when you go and change the computer name on it.  I found an MSDN article talking about how to move a TFS server from one domain to another that probably contains the proper steps to fix up TFS once you’ve set the computer name.  But that process looks fairly complex, and the whole point of making these VPC images was to make things simple for my team members who wanted to try out Beta 2.  I’m thinking that creating a VPC without TFS on there and having them install it themselves will be easier than having them try and fix a broken install of TFS due to a changing computer name. Looks like I’m going to be spending the evening creating a VPC image….again.

posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 2:56 PM


# re: Sysprepping TFS 2010 Beta 2 – Not so easy 12/2/2009 4:25 PM Rob Burke
Thanks for posting this and saving me from the same gotcha. Let us know what you end up doing with the VPC.

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