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February 2007 Entries

I wanted to give my take on developer metrics. I’ve read some posts by a few people out there (here, here, here, and here) that suggest that developer specific metrics do more harm than good. The first time I read through their arguments they made a lot of sense to me. But after thinking about it some more (due to reading Joel Semeniuk’s latest blog post) I’ve changed my opinion. I still believe that team/project level metrics are very important. But I also believe that developer-specific metrics ......

I believe in having 3 layers of testing: Unit Tests, Acceptance Tests, and Exploratory Testing. Each of these layers is somewhat independent of the other and each layer alone essentially attempts to validate that the entire system works. However, none of these layers alone is perfect, but having all 3 in place simultaneously makes the situation much better. Unit TestsUnit tests are the tests that the programmer writes as he develops the software. We develop using TDD and the unit tests are automatically ......