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Ontological Reciprocity Contributions to Our Influences

Here is another cool one….at least to me. In my test classes I’ve been trying to fake out my dependencies instead of mock them…just for a change and most of the time I don’t really want to assert how the class used the dependency, just that it gives me the correct result.

I create nested private classes using ReSharper. It puts it at the bottom of my current class which is fine. However, all that is noise to me for the most part, so I moved them to a partial class. I have MyClassTests and MyClassFakes, which actually has a MyClassTests partial class that holds…you guessed it, all the fakes….Anyway, here is how ReSharper will move my classes around. It’ll move whatever, is selected. In this case I’m moving my field bar, but in real life I move my nested class.

With my cursor on bar, I use the trusty Alt + Enter. And tell it to move it.


It moves it down to the other part.


More than one partial class? No problem.


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