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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Installing SharePoint 2013 preview on a standalone, workgroup server

If you try to install SP2013 on a standalone (i.e. not joined to a domain controller), you will eventually get an error.

"Service running under Network Service account in workgroup environment is not supported."

To avoid this error, create the configuration database after the main setup before you run the “Configuring SharePoint Products” wizard.

Open Powershell, add the usual snapin if necessary (depends on what you do when I say “Open Powershell”!), ignore the warning about missing implementingType for education.institution.dll, and then do a


That’s it! Now you can run the Config wizard, and everything should be ok. Well, things were ok on the three servers I’ve tried it on so far. 

Note: Do not do this if you ever intend to do any workflow stuff. Things will not work.



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