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A few days back, I got a chance to speak at the Western Kentucky .NET User Group meeting in Murray, Kentucky.  The opportunity came up because the original speaker, Jeff Blankenburg, had another obligation and was thus unable to come to this meeting.  I volunteered to deliver his presentation, which is an overview of MIX10 conference.

It was a great experience for me; got to drive around and do a little bit of sight-seeing – can’t say I’ve ever been to Kentucky before, so first trip ever there.  I got to meet the user group’s current lead, Tom Turner and got to chat and discuss about all kinds of stuff with the other members.  Cheers to Matt Gawarecki and Brandon Sharp!

The presentation itself mostly covers new features in Visual Studio 2010, which was recently released on April 12 – got to demonstrate Historical Debugging in IntelliTrace, Parallel Stacks, View Call Hierarchy and show some Extensions.  We also covered some of the new functionalities in Silverlight 4 (using webcams, drag & drop support among others) and I got to show off Scott Guthrie’s Windows Phone 7 Twitter app.  Altogether, it was quite a bit to cover in 70 minutes or so, but I think everyone enjoyed it.

Jeff provided me with the presentation slides (which I modify a bit) and demo applications; so I’m putting it up here for those that may be interested in downloading them.  Please keep in mind that all the demos were made with VS2010 RC, so there may be slight tweaks to get it to work on the RTM version.

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