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One of the sessions I did in St. Louis Day of .NET is about Intermediate WPF.  It seems to be one that people seem to have liked, so I’m making the materials available here first for those that may be interested in playing around with it.

The overview description was made before the material is done, and I was not able to show 3D graphics within the sample; my apologies.  In any case, there’s really no text out there that defines what is Intermediate WPF; so I just created one . The session goes through Data Binding, Data Template, Triggers, Styling, Resources, a bit of Animation, just a sliver of Control Templating and lastly Multimedia playback (thru the MediaElement control).

In the past, I was able to upload files onto GeeksWithBlogs and then provide a link to those files for download.  However, something seems to have changed – some of those links will now take the browser to another blog page.  Since I have no control over that, I’m trying to figure out where to host my files.  I don’t expect a lot of people to download any files I put up, so bandwidth should be fairly low; and for now I’m going to put it up on Google Sites.  I already have a Gmail account anyway, so it just seems natural.

Hopefully it would be fine; we’ll see .  If anyone has other suggestion as to a place to drop files in and I can refer through a URL, please let me know.

In any case, without further ado, the session material can be downloaded here.  If anyone’s having trouble downloading the file, please let me know.  The idea for the application itself came from this Styling and Templating sample by Microsoft.

The slides are not very helpful, other than detailing what the session will cover.  I’ve included a document that explains what each project does and also the step-by-step changes made from the starting project to get to the ending project.

The only gotcha (thanks to this blog) is to have the MediaElement WPF control to play the media files (be it MP3, WMV, or AVI), you need to have Windows Media Player 11 installed.  Since my development and presentation platform was Windows 7, everything worked immediately.  It wasn’t until I was trying to clean up the code on my XP machine did I have trouble with the media not playing (I didn’t upgrade my Media Player on my XP machine).  Upgrading WMP fixes it.

Hopefully this can be of use to others; and I’ll try to put up the other 2 sessions by tomorrow.  Have a good day everyone.

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