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Kansas City hosted a Kansas City Day of .NET this past Saturday; I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity by Lee Brandt to present there.  Wonderful time was had for all, food & drinks were provided along with some nice raffled items at the end.  Kudos to the 3 facilitators of this event: Lee Brandt, Becky Isserman and Doug Butscher.

In any case, I was there presenting Parallel Programming for Managed Code Developers; essentially re-delivering Daniel Moth's excellent PDC presentation.

For those that may be interested, the PowerPoint to that presentation is here, and the source code zip file is here (PFX June CTP version) or here (VS2010 CTP version).  The difference between the 2 sources is that the June CTP has a different method for the Task/Future creation (Create vs. StartNew), otherwise everything else is the same.

To run the executable, you need to either have the PFX June CTP installed, or run it in the VS2010 CTP Virtual Machine - please make sure you get the proper version for your environment.  Please note that at the moment the only way to have the VS2010 CTP on the guest VM to recognize more than 1 processor is to run it under Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V.

In my presentation, I walked through changing the code from single-threaded, to multi-thread, to multi-task, to using Future, to LINQ and eventually to demonstrate Parallel LINQ.  All the different codes are available in the Logic.cs file; that class has several ProcessColorsXXX method; the XXX defines the code methodology used (thread, task, etc.).

I hope this is beneficial to others.

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