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I was recently asked by a client to test whether a WCF based service could be implemented behind ISA Server (2006)  whilst using netTcpBinding .

I knew nothing about configuring ISA Server, so I worked in this with an ISA Server SME within my company on this.

We set up 3 virtual servers : one client, one running ISA Server and one hosting the WCF service. I configured the client to be able to use wsHttpBinding and netTcpBinding just for comparison. The security mode was explictly set to "none" for both bindings.

In short, the testing showed that is NOT possible to use netTcpBinding with the ISA Server acting as a proxy. No matter what we tried to do with the ISA Server configuration we couldn't make it work. wsHttpBinding worked without any fuss.

When I get more of a technical explanation why this is (it does support tcp?) I'll post back.

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To do this you would need to forward the port to the correct server like with routers you use at home.
Left by Z on Sep 24, 2009 10:01 AM

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