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I'm not sure why I never gravitated to this blog site. Before creating this one, I had one for a couple years at theSpoke. Recently I added one at Windows Live Spaces, since theSpoke seems to be quietly dying of neglect (which is a pity, because I've felt for years it serves a solid need). Anyway, if anyone is looking for me, you can probably find me ......

So I've got a class of students, I've known several of them for a few years. Going into the year I looked out and saw some that I figured would be stellar, some who would be average, and some who would be ... ah ... something else. (Yeah, I know, I should never make such assumptions, but I am human.) And as the year progresses things almost seem to ......

So I've had this account for about two or three months now, and I haven't actually written anything yet. Somewhere between having another blog on theSpoke, and not having enough time to do an entry justice, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

This will change, I promise.

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