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Top tip everyone.    Using one raspberry Pi.  

Make a wireless speaker for your home.   I did this with the following kit 

  • Headphone to phono cable
  • Amp and some speakers.
  • Micro USB power supply
  • 4GB SD card.
  • Edimax USB wifi card

 I installed a copy on the Pi of     Volumio turns a Raspberry Pi into a music streamer.

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1) Once you’ve got Volumio installed,  connect your Raspberry Pi, to your router using an ethernet cable.

2) Logon to your router and find the address that its assigned your Raspberry Pi.    my Pi,  showed up initially named Volumio

3) Then go to a web browser and type   i.e the IP address of your Volumio

4) Once you get to volumio setup screen you can give it the name (i.e the SSID) and password to your home wireless network.

5) You can also assign it a friendly name,  i.e in my case Dining Room.

6) From the setup screens, you can shut-down your PI.       

7) Once shutdown unplug from your router and go plug it into your amp or amplified speakers.

8) Play something on your device…   I went into Beats One on my iPhone.     Beside the volume controls you get an AirPlay icon...

Behold you can play music wirelessly 



So total setup took about 10 minutes.   Sounds quality is superb (even using the headphone jack of the Pi).


Next step is to mount the Pi inside the amp.  so everything looks tidy.



posted on Friday, July 24, 2015 4:50 AM