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January 2015 Entries

This is cool! I just got an Apple Watch App. getting results live over the Internet from an oData database. All realtime, and working really quickly. Here’s how it works…. So using the following code in an Apple Watch app. WKInterfaceController.openP... reply: { (replyValues, error) -> Void in dispatch_async(dispatch_get... { self.populate(replyValues) }); This makes a call into my iPhone app. which makes an oData request. The results then come back and populate ......

So today, I had to bite the bullet and realise that certain modules in my app. will only work online. Online and connected, able to see a server.... This meant I had to move away from pulling oData good stuff away from Core Data and just deal with the data that arrived by making a URL request. So this is interesting, first this feels slow. I had to put up iOS views with spinners... (never good). With offline, you can just presume stuff is there. Secondly you have to marshall data types on the fly. ......

Following on from last nights post. I'm now up-to a 42 entity/pages/tables (call it what you like) in an iOS app, synchronising effortlessly to NAV using oData. Its amazing what a partnership between an iPad and a heavyweight Dynamics solution can do to build truly compelling line of business app ......

So the adventure continues. I've been building an iPad app that consumes data from Dynamics NAV. I use NAV pages which I bring down into iOS via oData, these are then saved into a Core Data database. I only bring back records that have been altered since the date/time of the last sync. minimising data volumes. I've written a few custom classes that marshall the oData JSON formatted data correctly into Core Data attributes (i.e date/time and numeric/boolean conversion). In addition I introspect indexes ......