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Let's face it, it needed a rename. Mitch.Web just lacks everything in terms of marketing, so I've re-branded my (currently error logging :P) framework to "The Evil Little Developer's Toolbox" in game with my EvilDev theme. I've also made advancements (not guaranteed to work yet) on my error logging framework, mostly in terms of a new Services Project, and the Logging Service. The logging service, is a WCF Service, designed to log errors to a database.

The idea behind it, well, I generally focus my efforts towards Web Applications, and one thing I've been looking for, and haven't had much luck in finding is, a standardized end-to-end error logging solution. I like to know when my javascript breaks, or my silverlight application has a heart attack. I like to know when my flash components fail horribly. Now, each platform has methods of error logging (let's face it, this isn't exactly a "new" concept). I haven't had much chance to play with WCF before this, so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone if you will.

Once I solidify my service code, (and hopefully find a pleasant way to make it easily redistribute), I'll set about writing libraries for the various platforms I plan to support (I want to be able to simply include a js file in my GlobalMaster.aspx for example, and have all javascript errors logged).

It's a rather simple Architecture, requiring only some basic error info/log message, and a Registered ApplicationĀ Guid (to ensure not just anybody can log to my service.

Anyways, if you feel like checking it out, codeplex URLĀ has been changed (although apparantly the old url will just redirect), so check it at:

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