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I haven't had much to post about for a while, but yesterday I decieded I was going to take Keramic Koala, the next release of Ubuntu Linux for a spin. I have an old machine sitting around, and I wanted to turn it into a subversion server.

So I downloaded the CD image, and true to my past experience with Ubuntu, it downloaded blazing fast, being about 700 MB CD image in about 15 minutes. Burnt it, and popped it into my beastly machine.

The machine I'm setting it up on, has 500GB Hard drive, Pentium D Dual Core CPU, an outdated ATI graphics card, and 1GB of DDR333 RAM, and to tell you the truth, it's probably more power than Ubuntu needs. Anyway, I booted up, the Server CD is a process similar to the alternate CD, not the sexy UI version that comes with the standard desktop release, but still surprisingly easy to use/understand.

All in all, installing the server version of ubuntu hasn't changed much since the Pre Dapper days, but I was pleasantly surpised when I reached the end of the installation process and it prompts me to auto install some default server setups. They've had this feature for a while too, very convenient for setting up a LAMP server, or an OpenSSH server. But new with Koala, it's got some predefined setups for Virtual Server Hosting setups similar to Amazon's Cloud computing stuff. That's really neat, even if I don't have any use for it at the moment.

As I'm setting up a web based subversion manager, I tell Ubuntu to install a LAMP server, and because I'm against sitting at the physical server after it's been setup, I told it to setup an OpenSSH server as well. I also want my files shared to my windows machines potentially in the future as well, I set up a predefined Samba server. Check, Check, Check, done. It prompts me for a Root password for my MySQL instance, and it's as easy as that.

All in all, a good experience so far, although I haven't noticed too much change from Jaunty. I boot it up, and as I like to have a xserver of some form installed for a nice GUI when I am at the machine, I proceed to install the Xubuntu Desktop (it's a lightweight, slimmed down version of Gnome). After about 30mins-1 hour doing some preliminary software updates/installs, I install subversion, and then I reconfigure Apache to run a second website, and point it at the location of my USVN folder. Fire it up, setup USVN to manage my subversion server, and bam.

In approximately 4 hours, I now have a fully functioning subversion server, accessible by VNC, SSH, FTP, and Samba Shares, I should have no problems making tweaks if my server goes down, I disabled the desktop gui from running by default so it boots to command line.

I have noticed that it's a little snappier on boot than Jaunty was, but beyond that it's not much different. One thing that is new, is they now have some software included that tells you when your hard drives are failing when you boot up, very sweet * goes to by a new harddrive *.

Compare that with setting up something similar on Windows? Well, to install the OS, reboot 15 times for various software updates, go through the 3 hour install of SQL Server 2008, and setup IIS, install PHP and get it to work with IIS, and then to setup the subversion server and get it configured properly... it's not even close comparison. Ubuntu setup time wins hands down. I won't mention how superior SQL Server 2008 is to MySQL... but beyond that, it's a very satisfying experience.

END OF POST RANT: What IS a major pain in the a** on ubuntu is sending bug reports, I believe in helping out especially since I'm using a Beta Product, but having to sign up, go into my email, confirm, go back, fill out one form for my info and password, login, then fill out 3 forms describing what the issue was and what I was doing, and how it's triggered etc... To send a god damn bug report takes about 45 mins. You guys really dropped the ball there, as until it's a much easier process, I'm not doing that again.

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