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Lately I've been noticing a trend in technology that is starting to scare me. I think we've advanced beyond the information age, and are upon a new era of communication and social networking. Gone are the days of actually phoning people, instead we have advanced so far as to invent telephones that instead of calling your friends, you can take full advantage of using a tiny little keyboard to stumble thumb some text message to them. Yes, technology IS advancing.

And I must say, I love Facebook/MySpace/Bebo/Whatever. Now, I can interact with my friends without even getting off my keester! I can instead waste my life away in front of browser window, refreshing the screen vigorously to see if my "friends' have sent me a virtual gift this morning. I can wake up every morning and spend my wonderful breakfast sorting through the massive amount of facebook app invites, or as I affectionately call them * spam *.

Yes, the communication age is amazing, especially twitter. What a neat tool twitter is! Now, I can legally stalk all my favorite celeberaties, no spending money on high-tech binoculars and wall scalling gear, nope, I can now do it relaxing in my underware, just sitting in my lounger, as I go through the endless sea of spam mail that's piling up in my inbox, and making sure I know immediately when any of my favorite celeb's go to the can.

Yes, I don't know where the world would be if we would all have to actually go out to the club to meet women,when you can view the endless ocean of Fake Profile pics and bull sh*t adds on the personals sight of your choice.

You can't even pirate a good movie nowadays without having to do some kind of virtual social interaction.

Why is this the case? Well my theory is that people in general are self consious and naive. They feel because they are not actually in the room with the person, that they are "Safe" they can live their internet lives the way they want and nobody wil be the wiser.

But where is it all going? With every person on the planet carrying a poket camera, you are constantly being watched, everything you do is being recoreded, and that bar fight you got into on the summer before you started university that ended up with you getting your butt kicked, and then strreaking down mainstreet stark naked, will be the first thing on googles list 12 years later when the Steve Jobs is reviewing your job application.

No my friends, I'm not anti-technology, but, do the yourself a favor, and the next time you are digging through your facebook invites and gmail spam, think about it, back in the day people used to spend time with other people.... I know that is SO weird! Posted on Sunday, September 13, 2009 9:44 PM Radom Rants | Back to top

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# re: Human Interaction Is Sooo Last Year....
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These are exactly the reasons I don't twitter/facebook/whatever. I'm a people person, and my life is not a play-by-play. If you want to know what I am doing, call me.

Excellent post Mitch!
Left by Scott Klein on Sep 14, 2009 10:37 AM

# re: Human Interaction Is Sooo Last Year....
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As you know... the key is balance. You can easily get sucked into these things, but if you limit yourself, it can be just another thing you do for fun.

The true evil is Skype. It's the instant communication, the group voice calls.... once you get into those, it feels like you have a life, but do you?
Left by Amy on Oct 02, 2009 5:01 PM

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