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Here’s another good customer service example for you! My wife purchased a Galaxy last week and she loves the phone.  She asked me to add it to our AT&T Microcell last night. I purchased the AT&T Microcell a couple of years ago, because cell signal out where I live sucks! Since microcells are managed on the AT&T web site, I went to the site and tried to sign in. Naturally, having not managed that microcell in a couple of years…and much to my chagrin…I discovered that I didn’t know my password OR my user ID. So, I decided to call and see if I could get my account reset that late in the day (we’re talking last night, so it was well after 7pm.)

I called the technical support line, touched the appropriate numbers to navigate to microcell support, turned on my speaker phone, and prepared for the long wait. After about 45 seconds I was delighted to hear “Jeffrey” break in and ask what he could help me with. I explained that I have not managed my microcell for some time and had forgotten the user name and password.  “No problem”, he replied, and he asked me for the line I used to register the microcell.

After confirming the last four digits of my IMEI number, he asked me for my wife’s number. I gave him my wife’s number and he said, “I’ve taken care of it Mr Pope. Just have her reboot her phone and you should see your microcell.” We rebooted her phone, it connected to the microcell, and voila, she was online! “Is there anything else I can help you with while I’ve got you on the line”, he said. “Nope”, I replied. “Ok, have a great night.”

What made this a great customer service experience for me was that “Jeffrey” didn’t stop at giving me my user account and password, which I would probably forget anyway after setting up my wife’s new phone. Instead, he solved the real problem for me – adding my wife’s new phone to my microcell.

Great job Jeffrey!

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