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Wednesday, June 12, 12:00 – 1:00 EDT ONLINE

LEVEL: Beginner to Expert – all experience levels welcome


In this one-hour online workshop you will learn how to develop Windows 8 apps using the Twitter, Meetup and Facebook APIs. Twitter, Meetup and Facebook are the premier social networking sites and their API’s provide access to Tweets, Meetups and Friends. What a great combination! We will cover how to access the Twitter, Meetup and Facebook web service API’s from code, deserialize the response into a set of runtime objects that you can bind to Windows 8 UX Controls such as the GridView and the ListView. You will also receive instructions on how to submit your app to the Windows 8 store.  This workshop is great for students, hobbyists and professional developers who want to learn the basics of app development and publish their first app to the store.

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