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<growls with frustration>

In the 50 + automation scripts I've built since April, I have 9 that are causing me grave concern.  These 9 cases use Table Checkpoints to validate a webtable data display inside one of our applications.

Why is that such a big deal?  Well...for some reason in the OR, QTP decided to only give these tables (its the same one in all 9 cases mind you) an Ordinal Index location for indentifying the Table.  I have tried adding other attributes to the OR definition but EVERY time I do this QTP says I can't find that webtable.

So my thought is instead of using the OR to assign this table, can I go programmatical in my description of the object and pray the application finds it???

 There is a little voice inside me that says No silly b/c you're using a checkpoint on that object.  (sigh)

I can here my mentor now, just go low level, use the dom and cycle through until you find the element you want to validate and check it that way.

Only problem with that is I'm not comfy with it. 

Maybe if the moon & stars allign properly, he can come back and help me fix this problem.  A student should be so lucky.



Posted on Thursday, August 16, 2007 9:13 PM QuickTest Pro | Back to top

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