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My name is Maryanne Sweat and I'm a geek. 

<Audience Response:  Hi Maryanne>

Currently, I am a Software Automation Engineer for a firm in North Carolina.  I am working my way through the trials and tribulations of Mercury QuickTestPro and home grown VBScripts.  So I suppose that makes me a geek in the professional sense.

In the personal sense, I enjoy playing several video games, the least of which is World of Warcraft.  I've also gotten into playing Lord of the Rings Online.  I'll post a review of that later.  In addition to my online WoW Addiction, I have really gotten into playing the new WoW Trading Card Game.  Currently my best built decks are Palladins but I'm trying to branch out.  So I suppose that makes me a geek in the social sense.

I hope you find my blog interesting, check back for QTP rants and other quandries about my professional job as well as geeky posts about my gaming exploits in WoW and TCG battles with friends.



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Welcome to the GWB community!
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