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I admit it… I am a software podcast junkie – it started with Dot Net Rocks, and has progressed till I now listen to more than a dozen podcasts actively, but what I am finding more and more is that the general .Net podcasts seem to all follow the flavour of the month posts…

So this week everyone is talking about LightSwitch, last week it was Windows Phone 7, before that Azure… all flavours of the month, all introducing new things, and usually some high level 10000 meter view of a new technology…

So while I still enjoy listening to my podcasts, I am beginning to feel like I want something with more beef, something more on the fringes, maybe something with extreme opinions that makes me really get riled up rather than a product introduction… I dunno…

Well, if you have any suggestions on possible new listening material send me a comment… my current favourites are…

  • Herding Code
  • Hanselminutes
  • .Net Rocks
  • Sparkling Client
  • Polymorphic Podcast
  • Deep Fried Bytes
  • Pluralcast
  • Software Engineering Radio
  • Spaghetti Code Podcasts
  • The Thirsty Developer
  • Crafty Coders
  • Coding QA
  • CodeCast
  • The Connected Show
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