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A while ago I was asked to performed some sort of action for Acounting group after a user clicks a link, but before the brower loads the new page.  A typical example would be when  you want to put an alert before user goes to a particular page on my application, or it make it clear when the user leaves yoour application

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "_//W3C/DTD XHTML 1.0   Transitional//EN "


<html xmlns="">


<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

<scrip type="text/javarscript" src="script09.js"></script>


<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

<h2 align="center">

  Hey, check out <a herf= id="redirect"> my page 2 website</a>




THE LINK Enhancement script.


window.omload = initALL;

function initAll( ) {

         document.getElementbyId( "redirect").onclick = initRedirect;



function iniTredirect ( ) |

   alert("We are not blah blah blah..."); window.location = this;

return false


You may noticed that nowhere in the code does it refer to a mypage 2-- That's part of this power of "this;"

One of the things the "this; " keyword does for us is grab the URL from the HTML link (that is, the value of the a tag's herf attribute).  If I using this approach, I don't have to touch the links ehnamcement script.    I could have links all over our Application Website calling from the same script, and all line of code would automately grab their href values as well.


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