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I attended the at Citrix Ft Lauderdale on 10/02/2007 and have seen all the talented “GEEKS” successfully presented their codes:

Steve Potter - Cache Register
Jonas Strawski - SQL Server as Document Repository
Lou Yovin - Volume Shadow Copy
Tim Corbett - System Tray App
Louis Datz - dashCommerce
Martin Anderson - XML Schemas and powershell
Max Trinidad - Powershell script to create CSV

Shervin Shakibi, Dave Noderer, and Jeff Barnes of Microsoft who were Judges and Mc as well.

As all of the presenters, some of them did very well. (50's in this case, on a 10-50 rating). 

I was honoring seeing Dave Noderer, finaly met Sherwin Shakibi and everyone at Florida.Net and the most happiest of that night  I ran into my former boss Jeff Barnes.  Though he is now a big and famous as Microsoft Architect Evangelist, but he is still the nicest, kindness, and down to earth Jeff Barness that I remembered back in IT Burger King Corporation.

Thank you Dave Noderer for the Citrix location resources/eateries/knowledge you provided. 

I have very good times(For a long time since I have been at the last event) at the code Idol Contest Event I've learned some techiques only came from these genius geeks I have met that night.



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