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  • darrenkopp Can't wait to get back into Utah. May just have to drive all night... about 678 days ago
  • darrenkopp @iamic my email is twitter username my vacation is ending tomorrow so I'll have time to look tomorrow night about 678 days ago
  • darrenkopp @xpaulbettsx heard other people complain about it, but not sure that it has happened to me before. about 681 days ago
  • darrenkopp Hello again salt lake city about 682 days ago
  • darrenkopp ... And belt jam at baggage claim. Thanks, Seattle. Now I sit. about 683 days ago
  • darrenkopp @kevinmontrose how so? i vastly prefer android UI paradigm to iOS. Especially once they added fragments about 684 days ago
  • darrenkopp @codinghorror fair enough. it is still slow for that processor though. who said anything about it gaining you anything? :) about 684 days ago

Darren's Blog Where sense and sensibility don't meet

So i decided to start playing around with Windows Server 2008 now that it has hit Release Candidate 0 status. So i fired up virtual pc and mounted the ISO and started to type in the product key and noticed what one of the sections was. Here it is in picture form for all of your enjoyment.

Posted on Friday, September 28, 2007 1:32 PM Humor | Back to top

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